December 6

Hey I’m talking about Patagonian cavys. What are Patagonian cavys? Shut up and listen and you’ll find out.Potter Park Zoo 05-19-2015 - Patagonian Cavy 2David Ellis via Compfight

This is a Patagonian cavy, a magnificent creature of nature that not many people know about. I am here to talk about these furry, hoppy, floppy, fluffy, small animals. These animals are amazing, and you should like them because it’s basically a kangaroo mixed with a rabbit with little ears and a tail.

Some fun facts about my furry friends is that they originated from guinea pigs and are a lot bigger being up to 700 mm. These things are unlike other rodents because they sleep at night and work in the day. They also have a rare trait of life mates, when most rodents reproduce, they leave afterwards, but these will stay with their mates.

Patagonian cavies are magnificent creatures with a  wish, a wish to be known! Just kidding, Patagonian cavies can’t talk and don’t care if nobody sees them, but I do. The definition for Patagonian cavys is a South American rodent with a sturdy body and vestigial tail. I like this definition because it sounds like the cavy is a strong healthy creature; I agree with the cavy definition 

December 6


It’s time for nominations, so I am going to choose people for being good people.                                                                                                                                                                     -Quinten

My first nomination is a person named nathan who was nominated for best student blog because of his long complicated blogs that are actually just really enjoyable.

Next, I chose Noah’s  blog for most influential blog. His blog of wild cats brought sadness and despair to my life, and now every time I see a cat I think of those poor kitties.

Unfortunately, I only have two, but they are amazing blogs, and I hope that everybody can see everything I see about big kitties.

November 2

week #4

“Ding dong… Trick or treat!”

Halloween is coming up, so I thought I would spice up my blog with Halloween stuff. The first thing I did is add a couple of gifs on to my widget bar. Next, I adopted a bat named Spider and got all spooky and scary. After that, I made a background image of a clown. Check out my spooky additions…quinten2am

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Head with PipeCreative Commons License Dave via Compfight

October 31

week #3

Today I played around with a couple of fun widgets.

The first widget I did is adopt two pets: a spider named Kangaroo and a hamster named Mouse. I chose to add this widget because I love animals and the flip flop names are funny.

Screenshot 2015-10-30 at 1.38.56 PMScreenshot 2015-10-30 at 1.41.17 PM

After that I added the who’s among us widget to keep track of everybody that comes to my lovely blog. I like this map better than clustrmaps because Ii doesn’t have a really annoying map on it

Screenshot 2015-10-30 at 1.43.44 PM

October 30

week #2

The first post I commented on was Sophie in Australia on her about me post. I commented on her love for sports and her pets.

Next I commented on Abby in Canada on her about me post on how similar we are. We are both twins, we both play soccer, and we both love reading


After that I commented on Dion’s post about how I like his clothes, and I thought it was funny that his background is the Pyramids Of Giza.

Then I commented on Nathan’s post about how we both share a love for paintball, and I thought it was funny how he is a walking dictionary

October 12

week #1

Screenshot 2015-10-08 at 10.21.15 AM

This is mouse the liodogbushgerhorse, and he is my online avatar. The reason I chose to make him like this is because I have short scruffy hair and big ears; I have big feet and small hands. I like animals, so this is perfect for my personality. I have good eyes and read a lot, so the eyes of mouse fit me. I have big front teeth and small back teeth(I hope you don’t look in my mouth). I always wear shorts and a t-shirt, and I am a fast runner(tiger feet) and play soccer. I named this strange animal mouse because in real life my nickname is mouse because of the features I displayed in the liodogbushgerhorse.